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Moving Day!


For close to twenty-five years I have lived with my parents and have only briefly spent time away from them. I have been a student since I was 3 years old through the end of 2017 and since I have graduated with by Bachelor's degree it is time for some major life changes. Moving out is a huge milestone for any being as they prepare to take on all this world sends their way. This past month I spent most of my time outside of work preparing for my upcoming wedding and to move out of my parent's home and into an apartment for the first time.


Over these past 24+ years I have accumulated a lot of stuff. Surprisingly I believe I have only managed to pack and transport a third of the stuff to my new apartment. My fiancée Megan has brought at least half of her stuff to our new place. She will be helping me prepare the place for when she moves in after we are married later next month! I do not intend to bring everything I own to our new place as we may only stay for the duration of our current lease but it has been nice to have more room for my stuff so far!


I have already met most of my neighbors and the few other people within the community I have met seem very nice!! There are two pools and a fitness facility on the premises. We even have the opportunity for free unlimited golfing at a local course so I will definitely have to start playing and take advantage of that! Parking has not been an issue and there is not much road activity from what I have seen. The community is near a gas station and a few local restaurants as well as the church I attend and help at and it is near a road that leads straight to other main roads within the city!


As Megan and I prepare to start out lives together we are definitely excited to have a place to call our own! We have looked for houses but the market here and our budget has not presented any opportunities for us to move in that direction yet. As we save what we can and furnish our new home we will prepare for other major life changes like a house or new vheicle. I am so excited to share the rest of my life with Megan and I am so glad we are getting married and moving in together this year as we celebrate 10 years of commitment!!

Moving Day!
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