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Full-Time Anniversary!!


Though I participated in a number of class-internships in high school my first "real job" happened to be my dream job at the time. Back in high school I attended the Anthis Career Center for part of my day during my Junior and Senior years. At Anthis I participated in the computer programming and advanced computer programming courses during my Junior and Senior years respectively. I remember creating a comprehensive web browser using VB.NET for the independent study portion of the computer programming course that I fully intended to launch as a competitor to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox at the time as I tried to incorporate both rendering engines during my Junior year of high school in 2011. For my senior year I decided to focus on websites and worked on building a social networking platform to compete with the rise of Facebook using PHP, MySQL, and of course, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

During my senior year I also reached out to a local software development & web design firm hoping that our class could have a tour there to see that the daily lives of professionals in the industry looked like. After I graduated with technical honors and received a scholarship for my efforts at Anthis, where the course I participated in would end as the instructor retired to pursue her own business, I chose to attend Indiana Tech with hopes to learn the cutting-edge of the web development industry by pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Web Development. It was there that I was contacted back by the HR Representative of Aptera Software, Inc. about the tour I had hoped for during my time at Anthis. We had shared a few messages before I was offered an interview during the Winter Break of my first semester. I was hired as a part-time web developer in January 2013 at the beginning of my second semester of college.

My First "Real Job"

While my workload was not consistent I did not waste my time at Aptera and pursued learning by practicing those techniques I had hoped I would learn while in college. I learned to use jQuery while at Aptera and worked with ASP.NET, C#, and the Sitefinity CMS platform. My time there was game-changing as I got to work on enterprise solutions for global companies all while still an underclassman college student without much prior experience comparatively. My leave was awkward as I was let go due to "not having any work for me" when my boss at the time kept telling us we had work through the next 3 years... It was unexpected to say the least but then again we had grown to a team of 13 since I started on the team of 4 while I was the only part-time employee on the team. During my exit interview they had suggested I should apply again after I graduated college.

Moving On with my Work-Life

About a year before I had left Aptera I began to realize that I wanted something more. That I wanted to start my own company and build online services to help connect the world. Maybe that came about from my projects in high school but it was definitely not something I could just ignore. When I was let go I was sad but happy at the time too because I knew it would give me time to focus on my own projects. Soon after that classes began again and I realized I would be busy again. Two months later I began working as an intern for the Center for Creative Collaboration where I helped with maintaining the WarriorHack website that I originally built and promoting the event and the business itself through social media outlets. I also helped with some web-related projects for their clients. That internship ended because the director was retiring and the contract was coming to an end but four months later I began seasonal work for Target Brands, Inc. as an Electronics Team Member helping to create amazing moments for our guests where I learned retail work experience as well as upselling during those moments.

Present Day

On June 12th, 2018 I celebrated my 1-year anniversary with CodeClouds where I started full-time as a Technical Lead and am growing to be a Team Lead. This position was the first time I have worked full-time in my life. I started full-time during the summer before my final semester of college for my Bachelor's of Science degree in Web Development. My work generally consists of building web-based solutions for our clients. Over the year I worked on improving my efficiency and productivity as well as thought up a number of ways the company may be able to grow its efficiency, productivity, and revenue as a whole. I have grown a lot professionally over the past year and hope to continue to grow a lot professionally in the years to come. Whether it be here at CodeClouds or wherever life takes me next I will be sure to always focus on moving forward, growing, and helping the world as I transcend greatness!!

Full-Time Anniversary!!
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